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Personal, dedicated time & attention to each and every client

There is a good chance that if you are contacting Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices you face a less-than-ideal situation. You may feel confused and scattered and need assistance putting it all in order. We know that in matters pertaining to criminal defense, family law, insurance law or municipal law, the complications are immense and your emotional and mental stress is high. During these times, you require reassurance and experienced legal guidance at your side.

Since 1998, we seek to offer services that are effective and comforting. When you are facing challenges in the family, criminal, insurance or municipal areas, you need an attorney who listens well in order to form the best legal strategy possible to address your circumstances. Our goal is to provide thorough and empathic representation to seek a workable resolution to your case.

Each case receives dedicated time and attention without assumptions. We treat every case as unique and take the time to collect the correct facts. As you proceed with your legal matter, you will feel informed and reassured about each step. You will never make a decision without receiving all the information you require to make the best one possible.

If you want legal representation tailored to your particular matter and needs, contact Frank J. Ruggiero, Esq. to schedule a consultation.