Criminal Law

CriminalThe legal system can be merciless to those facing criminal charges. It is technical, deadline-dependent, and unforgiving if you make a mistake. There is a reason why the Constitution guarantees attorney representation and a system exists to provide an attorney to those who cannot afford one.

Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices has defended accused individuals in state, federal, and juvenile court for felonies and misdemeanors throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. It is not our role to judge but to hear your side of what happened so we can craft the best defense possible. We can negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor when appropriate or prepare to zealously represent you at trial.

Experienced In All Court Systems

When you are accused of a crime and face charges, it is unlikely you are concerned about any difference between state and federal court. The process is frightening when you are on the receiving end of it and any court can present an intimidating atmosphere. By hiring us as your defense attorneys, you remove this factor because we know these systems well and how to address your charges effectively and efficiently.

Our experience with criminal defense includes:

State court charges – These are the crimes defined by Pennsylvania statutes. Normally brought in state courts, these can cover felonies, misdemeanors and summary citations from DUI to first degree murder. If you are facing prosecution, it is most likely in state court.

Federal court charges – Many crimes tried in federal court include those that cross state lines or violate specific federal statutes. If you are charged with drug possession with the intent to distribute, for example, that becomes a federal charge if you attempted to transport the drugs from or to one state to another.  These often have heavier penalties which makes attorney representation essential.

Juvenile charges – Youth facing criminal charges face a different system than adults. The juvenile justice system is set aside for children aged 10 to 18. Detention and supervision of juveniles can continue to age 21 in order to prevent harsher penalties. While this forum is kept private and often focuses more on rehabilitation rather than punishment, it can still become a daunting and jarring experience.

Knowledge of court procedures often makes the difference between a conviction and dismissed charges. When you hire Campolieto-Ruggiero, you will be able to navigate the legal process with confidence knowing we always have your best interests in mind.


No Matter The Crime, Give Us A Call

A majority of crimes are divided into misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are the less serious crimes and their severity is rated on degree. These offenses can include third degree ones like loitering and disorderly conduct to the more serious acts like prostitution.

Felonies include major crimes.  Arson, kidnapping, assault, burglary, rape, and murder are all felonies.  Certain crimes include mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines that can result in more years in prison than normally assigned to a crime of that class. For example, rape is a first degree felony and a conviction requires a mandatory minimum of five years in prison.

If you have previous convictions, the picture becomes dire. When considering this and the mandatory minimums, you see why an attorney becomes so necessary when you face charges.

Take advantage of the knowledgeable and non-judgmental legal advice of Frank J. Ruggiero, Esq. when you face criminal charges.  Call us at (570) 876-6901 to set up a consultation.

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