Family Law


There are few areas of the law more contentious and personal than family law. Divorce is unsettling as well as heart breaking and when you have children involved, the emotions and complexity intensifies. When you seek out a family law attorney, you not only need experience and attention to detail, but also compassion and empathy as you go through one of the most difficult times of your life.

Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices serves northeastern Pennsylvania with dedicated family law advocates. We are there for you for not only through the initial proceedings in divorce, custody, and paternity matters but also when any previous orders require modification. It is our intention to be there for you not only when these cases begin but also if you require additional legal services in the future. Family law often requires follow-up which is why we look to build a good working relationship with our clients at the beginning.

Our attorneys have been dedicated to this mission of empathy and personalized client service since 1998. You can rest assured that we will hear your concerns and design a helpful legal strategy that is appropriate for you and your family law case in this time of need.

Any Case, Any Time

If your matter involves a family court issue, chances are, we handle it at our firm. Cases that we address frequently include:

Divorce – We will start with the initial filing and proceed with property division and custody matters. If there are any child or spousal support issues, we are prepared to assure your fair treatment whether you would receive or pay support. Support can often be very contentious, especially when it is being paid to a former spouse.

Custody – Child custody is often the most difficult part of any family law case. As we navigate through determining a child’s best interest you are likely concerned with securing custody or at least being granted generous partial custody rights. We will keep you informed through each step of the process so you know what to expect and can move forward with a positive relationship with your child(ren) even if you are no longer married to the other parent. Unlike spousal support, child support is required so we will walk you through the support determination at the first meeting so you do not face sticker shock later.


Adoption/Paternity – Adoption is often a happy time in family law and it is just a matter of getting through the various hoops to finalize it. It takes patience and we will help it proceed as smoothly as possible. Establishing paternity is not only important for support issues but also maintaining relationships between a child and both parents. We can protect your rights while determining paternity but also creating a workable parenting time schedule when the DNA turns out to be positive.

Protection From Abuse (PFA) – Family law deals in dangerous and frequently tragic circumstances. If you fear harm to yourself and your child(ren), we can file a PFA order so you can move forward with improved safety. Domestic violence is not tolerated in northeastern Pennsylvania and our firm can help you benefit from the full power of this law.

Legal representation in family law is less about winning and more about assuring a positive life outlook once you get through a difficult time. For representation that combines the best of skill, empathy, and understanding, contact Frank J. Ruggiero, Esq. at (570) 876-6901.

Posted by: mprictor on May 23, 2016