Municipal Law

Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices offers a personalized approach to not just individuals but also municipalities across the Commonwealth. With many municipalities facing strict budgets, finding representation for code enforcement and securing counsel of record for meetings can be challenging.

Municipal violation defense also requires specialized knowledge and sensitivity to a client’s circumstances. Just as we can provide representation to assist the municipal government, we can also guide the individual through the various local regulations whether they involve land use, code enforcement or any other area arising within municipal law. Whether you seek counsel of record for a municipal government or need assistance in your own quandary as a private citizen, contact Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices.

Helping Municipalities Function Well

Local laws cover many areas including:

  • Land use
  • Property and local sale taxes
  • Civil rights
  • Real estate
  • Small business
  • Local code enforcement
  • Transactional items in city governance

There is no doubt that cities municipalities face multiple diverse issues as they govern. Many of these require filings and form requirements that seem more annoying than beneficial. These can start from the simply mundane, like having attorney presence in a hearing, to defending a large civil rights or real estate lawsuit. Since many places entities cannot maintain a full staff of attorneys, they look to and hire outside counsel.

If your municipality is considering this course of action, know that this is a common and efficient way to manage your government. Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices has been a fixture in Northeastern Pennsylvania and knows the local customs and the preferences of municipal government. Contact us so we can design a custom solution for your municipality too.


Helping Citizens Navigate

Citizens also face challenges when it comes to municipal law. A zoning violation, police encounter, and the possibility of mistaken property tax assessment can become expensive and harrowing issues for private individuals.

Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices is accustomed to helping people who face less than ideal situations. Even if your municipal issue does not involve a serious violation, it can be intimidating and frustrating to determine how to answer a ticket or file the right forms. We can assist you through these ordeals with knowledge and reassurance so you know it all proceeds correctly. Many people find these processes daunting and if having extra assistance helps you proceed with confidence, we are there to help.

If your issue goes beyond just the right paperwork being filed in the correct place, we remain available. Serious items like a police encounter or a land use violation need to be handled immediately and with detailed attention to municipal procedure. While this can prove unnerving for the layperson, for us, it is just a part of our expertise. By hiring us, you can move forward with your claim or defense knowing that your case is in good hands. Municipalities and individuals facing municipal law issues can rely on Campolieto-Ruggiero Law Offices for thorough and professional legal representation. Contact Frank J. Ruggiero, Esq. to set up a consultation.

Posted by: mprictor on June 14, 2016